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Go ahead and celebrate it: you’re a successful woman! Your hard work and good fortune enable you to start thinking about giving back to your community, so now the big question is how to go about doing this. When you reach the point of sharing your wealth, it takes on greater meaning and allows you to build a legacy. You have the potential to enrich the lives of others and do something special for your community, your country or beyond.

Your legacy could come about by accident, but [tweet_dis]if you want to have a great impact on your terms, you need a plan.[/tweet_dis]

Make it personal

[tweet_box design=”box_03″]Your legacy is not for you, but it should be about you in the sense that it should reflect your values, hopes and dreams.[/tweet_box]

Planning a legacy means deciding what will happen to your wealth beyond your use of it.

So what do you stand for? What causes are you passionate about? Children’s health or education? Environmental protection? Other women? Literacy?

You may find yourself overwhelmed by the options, so here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing where to direct your money:

  • Do your core values align with a specific cause or organization?
  • Are you or someone you care about personally affected by an issue?
  • Is there a cause you think needs more attention?
  • Are there organizations you already support that you’d like to do more for?

If you plan to play a role in supporting a specific cause – whether through active engagement or behind-the-scenes patronage – you’re far more likely to make a significant impact if it’s an issue you feel strongly about. In addition, the results of your efforts will be more personally rewarding when you make a difference in an area that’s close to your heart.

Create a lasting impact

[tweet_box design=”box_03″]With the right planning and financial tools, your legacy can brighten countless lives.[/tweet_box]

One-off donations to charitable causes are valued by their recipients and can be extremely helpful. However, once they’re given and received, that’s it.

If you prefer to create a legacy that will touch the lives of others for years or even generations to come, there are alternatives. With the right planning and financial tools, you can set up a scholarship, fund an annual research grant or even establish your own charity to brighten countless lives.

Another way to expand and extend your impact is to collaborate with others to direct your joint resources, networks and passions into driving an initiative forward. Could you strengthen your legacy by drawing in your family and friends to join the cause? Or is there perhaps an organization you could partner with to match your gift? Imagine if you started a movement! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – the sky’s the limit when it comes to your charitable legacy.

Seek out guidance

[tweet_box design=”box_03″]Boost your legacy by working with a trusted team of partner that understands your thinking, challenges, goals and attitudes toward giving back.[/tweet_box]

As we already know, being a strong and independent woman doesn’t mean you have to face every journey alone. When it comes to planning your legacy, a financial expert in charitable giving can serve as a sounding board and provide valuable advice.

For example, a financial advisor can help you build your legacy in the following ways:

  • Align your philanthropic plans with the core values and issues that matter most to you and your family
  • Identify a plan to involve your family – today and in the future
  • Take advantage of tax efficiencies and benefits to maximize the impact of your legacy

Families and organizations are strongest when the people within them work together as a team. The same is true for your efforts to create a meaningful legacy – you can boost your potential for success by working with a trusted partner or team that understands your thinking, challenges, goals and attitudes toward giving back.

Build your legacy

If you would like to explore opportunities to build your legacy but don’t know where to start, we would love to guide you on this journey. Even if you are just curious about what this all means, please contact us to start a conversation.

Download our Women & Legacy overview for further insights on this important topic.

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Women and legacy rubach wealth


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