Family wealth that lasts through generations

Through a net worth management strategy defined by your priorities. Let’s talk about what matters most to your family.

Financial success centred in purpose

True wealth comes from money with meaning. We can help you build purpose into your success.

A rising generation with wealth, wisdom and societal values

More than inheritors of your wealth, the next generation is a steward of your family’s vision and values. Let’s get your inheritors ready for this role.

Your family’s financial headquarters

When businesses, assets and families grow, planning for today and the future becomes much more complicated. Rubach Wealth serves as your family’s financial headquarters, providing advice and bringing together the diverse professional services your family needs to manage your net worth, preserve your legacy and prepare the future stewards of your wealth.
Intergenerational family walking on the beach

Family office or holistic financial planning? Let’s find out what you need.

We work with successful professionals, entrepreneurs and next-generation members of wealthy families – people who are busy creating and growing wealth. Depending on the complexity of your asset and family structures, we can provide a comprehensive slate of family office services or start with holistic financial planning. Our strategy will be built on the goals and values you define, and on your needs at a particular point in time.

Coordinated services for a cohesive strategy

The complexities of wealth and family relationships require a steady hand in net worth management and careful planning for greater tax efficiencies, risk management, wealth distribution, intergenerational transfer, philanthropy and succession. For all these to work as part of a cohesive strategy, it’s important to ensure all your services are integrated and managed, with no gaps, overlaps or inconsistencies.

What’s a family office?

A family office acts as wealth manager and chief counsel to successful individuals and families, providing advice and services on all matters related to family wealth. The original, 19-century family office model was structured around a single family. Today, most offices are either multi-family models built and funded by a group of families, or commercial family offices that provide a diverse menu of services customized to successful families. In recent years, a number of banks and accounting firms have launched their own family office practices.

How our family office can help your family

Drawing on our team and partners’ expertise in finance, banking, tax, estate and organizational behaviour, Rubach Wealth creates integrated strategies for families today and into the future. These strategies include investment and wealth management, wealth distribution and transfer, tax planning, asset structure optimization, risk management, family governance and philanthropy. Rubach Wealth plays a valuable role in identifying and providing oversight to your professional advisors, and is well positioned to guide you in your decisions should a significant financial or life event occur.

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Are you ready for a family office?

Wealth is just one measure of a family’s need and readiness for the services of a family office.

Get in touch with us to discuss whether family office services are right for you.