Integrated Financial Planning & Wealth Strategy

Whether you’re focused on short or long-term growth, funding a major purchase or planning for retirement, we’ll build a holistic strategy that takes into account every factor and aspect of you, your family and your business. You’ll have a clear path to your goals. You’ll make better decisions to get you from today to your future.

Portfolio Management

The right investment strategies drive success in individual and family wealth planning. Drawing on our team’s investing expertise and depth of knowledge about you and your family, we’ll optimize your return on investment through traditional and alternative strategies that align with your family’s goals and values.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

We can help you plan for tomorrow today so you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate and leave a lasting legacy for your family. Acting as lead coordinator, we’ll work with the legal, accounting, financial and insurance professionals most qualified to build your estate and wealth transfer plan.

Risk Management

Even the best strategies can be derailed when you fail to plan for unexpected events. This oversight can happen because you believe certain risks are unlikely to affect you and your family. Or you may simply be just too busy. That’s why our financial plans include a risk management strategy to protect you, your family and your wealth.

Philanthropy Planning and Administration

We’ve learned from working with families over the years that wealth is most rewarding when its material benefits are balanced with social purpose. Ask us to bring in our partners in philanthropy planning and administration to help you define your giving goals and build your philanthropy strategy and structure.

Tax Planning, Preparation and Compliance

Tax planning can optimize the overall tax position for you and your family, and boost growth and value of your business by helping you retain more of your hard-earned income. Our team at Rubach Wealth will bring together the best professionals – such as tax accountants and lawyers to build a tax strategy based on the most viable options for you and your family.

Consolidated Personal and Corporate Asset Reporting

Clear insight and transparency are key to well-informed financial planning. As part of our core services, Rubach Wealth provides scheduled and on-demand reporting to ensure you always a solid grasp of your complete and up-to-date financial picture. Talk to us about how we can help you gain a better perspective on your personal and corporate assets.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyles often become complex as wealth and families grow. You may be travelling more, accumulating assets in other countries and, as your family expands, you may have needs that require specialized knowledge — such as identifying the best equestrian or boarding school for your kids, or finding a personal chef. Tell us what you need and we’ll bring in the right lifestyle management professionals.

Family Governance and Education

Wealthy or not, families can be messy. We’re here to help you build a formal governance framework based on analysis of your family dynamics, structure and long-term goals. From founders to next-generation members, we’ll work with key family members to ensure a culture of financial intelligence, effective communications and smooth power and wealth transitions.

Are you ready for a family office?

Wealth is just one measure for a family’s need and readiness for the services of a family office. Get in touch with us to discuss whether Family Office services are right for you.