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As far as taglines go, “You are not the client*” may seem an unusual message. Yet, if the new Rubach Wealth tagline makes you pause to ponder its meaning, then it’s doing its job.

When we introduced this new tagline as part of a recent rebranding effort, we hoped it would spark conversations and reflection. In this blog post, we explain the thinking behind this bold statement and how it underpins our approach to providing customized financial planning and family office services.

Helping those you hold dear

As the asterisk implies, there’s deeper meaning behind “You are not the client*” than might be obvious at first glance.

At Rubach Wealth, we work with successful professionals and business owners. However, a lot of the financial planning work we do with them is aimed at providing for others – typically the people and causes that they care about. Enter the asterisk.

In this sense, the actual client is the spouse or children or other loved ones who will benefit from the financial plans and insurance strategies that we put in place. In other cases, the true client is a foundation or charitable cause that will benefit from financial gifts aimed at supporting its worthwhile work.

No matter how successful you are, you need a financial plan to ensure that the people and causes you care about benefit in the way you want them to. A failure to plan can mean leaving behind a mess for the people you hold dearest. You can’t sort this out or influence outcomes after you’re gone – this is something you need to tackle now. Our role is to help you do what’s needed to drive the best results for the ultimate client*.

Holistic Family Advisors™

Your wealth does not exist in a bubble separate from the rest of your life. Instead, it is closely interconnected with all facets of your family, professional and personal life. We help you see the big picture and develop holistic solutions that enable you to take care of the ones you love.

In terms of services, this entails providing comprehensive financial planning and insurance strategies to help you grow, protect, enjoy and share your wealth.

In terms of experience, however, we work with you on a more profound level. We ask tough questions. We guide you through the sometimes-emotional process of financial decision-making. We dig into the complexity of your situation to shape solutions that truly fit. We draw upon our deep resource pool to deliver the support you need, and we connect you with the best external experts when something is beyond our expertise.

Ultimately, this holistic approach leads to better outcomes by ensuring greater harmony between you, your family, your causes and your wealth.

Customized service, now and always

Our recent branding refresh was aimed at achieving better alignment between what we do at Rubach Wealth and how we communicate it. While our tagline and the articulation of our guiding principles have evolved, one critical element has remained steadfast: our commitment to providing customized service.

From day one, Rubach Wealth has recognized and respected every client as the unique individual they are. We know that providing you with the best advice and holistic service starts with building a deep understanding of your life – from your family and career to your worries and aspirations. This has always been the foundation of our tailored approach to providing exceptional service, and it always will be.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support you – and help you help others – with financial planning and family office services, please contact Rubach Wealth for a consultation.

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