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Sound estate planning should be a team effort between legal, accounting, financial and insurance professionals working together towards one cause: to optimize an estate plan that will support and meet your personal and/or familial goals and objectives.  In case of business owners, their business must be included in the equation too.  All the pieces of the puzzle must fit.

To get a group of professionals together to work for your benefit, [tweet_dis excerpt=”You have to be the starting point of a sound estate plan #successionplanning via @rubachandassoc”]you have to be the starting point. [/tweet_dis]Many individuals are aware that they need to have an estate plan to secure their successors’ future. However, many find it mentally draining to even think about it. Truth is, you have to make an effort. It’s up to you to start the conversations, to stay involved and informed.

[tweet_box design=”default” excerpt=”Take the stress out of #estateplanning: work with professionals who’ll work cohesively for your benefit via @rubachandassoc”]Working with professionals who will work cohesively for your benefit, will make the estate planning process much easier for you.[/tweet_box]

[tweet_dis excerpt=”Take the stress out of #estateplanning: here’s the process. via @rubachandassoc”]Basic estate planning process:[/tweet_dis]


  1. Initial Fact Gathering: such as your family status, employment, income, expenses, liabilities, health and in general, your financial picture.
  2. Detailed Fact Gathering: going deeper into the initial fact gathering by considering caring for children or aging parents, protecting against the effects of a possible loss of income due to death or disability and other health concerns.
  3. Personal & Family Goals, Lifestyle Needs & Objectives: you need to take a close look, decide and provide input about your and your family’s objectives.  In doing this, special attention should be paid to blending families and protecting the surviving spouse.
  4. Evaluation of Information: the professionals you’re working with will evaluate the provided information and begin analyzing the best way to help you achieve your objectives.  The accountant will play a very important role at this stage as he or she will have to do tax efficient planning and potentially find tax savings opportunities.
  5. Presentation and Implementation of the Plan: that will incorporate appropriate legal and tax minimizing structures as well as financial and insurance options.
  6. Continued Monitoring of the Plan:  things have a way of changing.  The need to update your estate plan will be dictated among other many variables, by changes in your family, accumulation of assets, etc.

Be wary of advisors who say they can provide a sound estate plan without involving other professionals.

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Stay informed about your options, what happens and how it happens. Even though there are basic fundamentals in estate planning, each estate plan is different because all of our situations and objectives are different. Thus, work with a trustworthy team and evaluate your estate plan on regular basis.

Estate planning articles based on specific situations:


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If you do not have an estate plan: what’s the biggest barrier for you to get started? Please comment below.

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