This edition of Rubach Wealth’s Community Spotlight we have a conversation with Greg Sacks. Greg is the owner and founding partner of Trufflepig Travel. Trufflepig provides unique and unforgettable travel experiences off the beaten path. Elke and Greg discuss how travel is an excellent way to pass on values to future generations, how travel has changed, and how it will continue to change.

With Covid-19, everyone’s travel plans have been put on hold for now. Listen to the podcast and start planning your next trip once the skies open again.

Trufflepig is a trip planning company. Not quite a travel agency nor exactly a tour operator, but very much their own kind of beast. They plan and run customized trips—orchestrating everything from the big picture (structure, style, pacing), the building blocks (accommodation, activities, logistics), and the tiny details (restaurant reservations, special activities, you-name-it). They are a connector, consultant, editor, and arranger.

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