In the latest edition of the Rubach Wealth Community Spotlight, Elke has a chat with Michael Alberg-Seberich, Managing Partner, Wider Sense, and co-author of the recently published book the Corporate Social Mind. Every company tries to incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their overall strategy, the Corporate Social Mind introduces a new cultural and strategic approach. It takes a lot more than just a good corporate social responsibility; environmental, social, and governance; or corporate citizenship/philanthropy strategy to support social change.

They also discuss how marketing and communications teams can play a crucial role in enhancing the work a business does to impact society, activating the public and consumers towards social issue action, and changing perceptions, attitudes, and strongly-held beliefs.

The most successful companies today – Microsoft, Levi’s and others – have realized that “doing good” can’t just be the purview of corporate social responsibility and marketing/communications. Through research and one-on-one interviews with many of the leaders of these efforts, we’ve identified the eight traits a company needs to develop an authentic corporate social mind.

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