In the latest edition of Rubach Wealth’s Community Spotlight, Elke has a conversation with David Schlagbaum. David is a Family Business Advisor/ Facilitator, Senior Counsel at Pallett Valo LLP.
A multi-disciplinary, holistic approach can sound overwhelming or even daunting. This two-part series does a great job of breaking down how a mixture of investment advice, comprehensive planning, and life-driven goals go into putting together an actionable, long-term financial plan. However, after hearing from these two experts, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the process and realize it’s not as scary as you thought.
Hear first hand the approach David and Elke take to the multiple facets of clients’ financial lives, allowing them to build the trust and deeper relationships necessary to truly help their clients beyond their individual financial health. This is a must-watch for business owners and those starting to think about transitioning their wealth now or in the future.

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