The Rubach Wealth Process

Rubach Wealth Founder, Elke Rubach gives some insights on our approach to our client process and what’s makes us different.

Our Brand Promise

Personal, professional, and financial lives are all interconnected, by taking the right approach you will be taking care of your family in a much more comprehensive way.

Disability Insurance

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, find out how disability insurance can protect your current lifestyle.

How we help small businesses and entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is a big step. Find out how a multi-disciplinary approach can help you focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Women and Finance

3 things you can do to change the conversation about your finances

Community Spotlight

Rubach Wealth Community Spotlight: Greg Sacks

Passing on values through travel? In this edition of Rubach Wealth’s Community Spotlight, we have a conversation with Greg Sacks. Greg is the owner and founding partner of Trufflepig Travel. Trufflepig provides unique and unforgettable travel experiences off the beaten path.

Rubach Wealth Community Spotlight: Sharon Vinderine

How important is building trust in your brand? Find out in this edition of our Community Spotlight we chat with Founder and CEO of PTPA media Sharon Vinderine.

Rubach Wealth Community Spotlight Featuring Bob Ramsay

In the latest edition of Rubach Wealth’s Community Corner, we feature Bob Ramsay, President of Ramsay Inc.

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Love & Dividends

Elke Rubach takes us through the importance of building a solid foundation for your financial plan, being empowered to ask advisers questions to feel comfortable, and creating goals based on behavior, cash flow confidence, and clarity.

Immigrants of Toronto

Oscar Cecena interviews Elke Rubach, founder of a Wealth Management Financial Planning called Rubach Wealth, who gives some advice on how to manage your finances during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Power to Drive Positive Change

International Women’s Day On March 7, 2019, Elke Rubach did us proud at Advocis Toronto’s International Women’s Day Breakfast speaking about the areas that she is most passionate about family, values, giving a meaning to your success, building a legacy and giving back.

Strong, successful women entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling and defied the odds. However, navigating personal finances can be intimidating and unnerving when you are unsure who to trust. Elke Rubach, founder of Rubach Wealth, speaks into the importance of finding a dependable financial advisor to bring financial clarity to build their businesses.