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Lawyers at risk: the case for disability insurance top-ups

August 18, 2017

One in four. Those are the odds that you will be disabled due to a serious illness or accident for a period of 90 days or longer at least once before you turn 65. As a lawyer, the good news is that you likely have disability insurance through your firm’s group coverage. The bad news […]

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Putting your needs first: Why group insurance doesn’t cut it

July 18, 2017

Employment contract? Check. Benefits? Check. Group insurance? Check. Do you clearly understand what you are covered for and are all your insurance needs taken care of? Not so fast. If you have group coverage through your job, it can be tempting to assume that you’re good to go on the insurance front. The reality is […]

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Passing on the family cottage: preserving memories, creating new ones

June 27, 2017

For countless Canadians, the cottage has a special place in our heart. It’s the patter of little feet and the joyous splash of our kids running along the dock and plunging into the lake. It’s the cozy afternoon of hot chocolate and playing cards, while the thunderstorm howls outside. It’s the togetherness of family sharing […]

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