Young Professionals

For many young professionals, independent life starts in your 20s, and with it comes all the freedoms and responsibilities that go with setting out on your own.

Whether you’re starting your first full-time job or moving into an apartment of your own, there are endless financial decisions that are now up to you, not your parents.

So what are the key financial considerations that should be on your radar at this age? Here are a few of the major financial issues and milestones common among your peers in their 20s:

  • Embarking on your career
  • Paying off student debt
  • Renting an apartment
  • Saving money to buy your first home
  • Spending money on travel, a car, and other major expenditures

From a financial perspective, your 20s are the time for building the foundation on which your financial future will take shape.

For young professionals, financial planning is not about having huge financial resources; instead, it’s about making smart decisions.

The choices you make today can help you build your financial resources strategically and efficiently in the decades ahead.

At Rubach Wealth, we help young professionals get on the right financial trajectory by developing a wealth management plan tailored to their needs.

Even if money is tight currently, developing a plan for what you’d like to achieve financially will help you identify the actions you can start taking now to make this happen. The good habits you develop today will last a lifetime.