Our Clients

We believe in long-term relationships built on trust and collaboration.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do at Rubach Wealth because their success is the driving force that gives our work purpose.

As every individual has a unique set of goals and requirements, our clients are endlessly diverse. However, they generally fall into one of three broad categories: professionals, high net worth individuals and families, and business owners. 


Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, bankers and accountants lead lives where time is at a premium, so they tend to seek out assistance with financial and insurance planning to take this burden off their shoulders. 

Whether you work on Bay Street, in the operating theatre or at head office, your success is a reflection of your drive and expertise. Our aim is to help you translate this success into a long-term plan for a financially sound future so that you can stay focused on what you do best.

As a highly trained professional, your income will rise significantly over the course of your career. Strategic tax, investment and insurance planning is essential to make the most of your future earnings and protect your hard-earned success.

Putting your needs first: Why group insurance doesn’t cut it

Employment contract? Check. Benefits? Check. Group insurance? Check. Do you clearly understand what you are covered for and are all your insurance needs taken care of? Not so fast…

High net worth individuals and families

High net worth individuals and families typically have wealth built up over generations, which presents tremendous opportunity but also comes with great responsibility.

We can partner with you to build on your existing wealth, protect your family’s legacy and ensure that you can enjoy the fruits of your success, both now and in the decades ahead. Flexibility is crucial when planning for your family’s financial future. You need a plan that can adjust for life’s unexpected events, such illness, early death, inheritance, divorce, second families, etc. 

Whether you need assistance with developing tax-efficient strategies for asset accumulation, require insurance solutions that can accommodate complex family structures or are one step ahead thinking of philanthropic giving, we can provide trusted advice.

Waking up to tax-efficient estate planning - 2017.03.21

Waking up to tax-efficient estate planning

We get it: if we try to tell you about the merits of the capital dividend account, you’ll likely be asleep or hitting “close” before we can start our second sentence. So instead, let’s talk about sheltering your investments from taxes. Let’s talk about building your personal estate with money taxed at a corporate tax

Business owners

Business owners have unique needs when it comes to financial and insurance strategies. You typically have significant assets invested in your business. Your retirement planning requirements are often intertwined with succession planning. And your need for risk mitigation tends to be higher. 

We understand these issues because we work with business owners on a daily basis – and because we are business owners ourselves. This helps us tailor strategies to the realities of your business, rather than offering you off-the-rack products and solutions when you need a custom fit.

Whether you want to customize group benefits for your team or explore alternative funding options for buy-sell agreements, you need a partner who will take the time to learn where you’re at and where you aim to go. Our role is to strengthen your business and help you achieve your long-term objectives.

An honest look at your financial affairs

It’s February and for many it’s time for some honest self-reflection. Do you consider yourself generally successful in your career?Do you lead a busy life? Do you ever worry about whether your financial affairs are all in order?