Needs Calculator

At Rubach Wealth, we help clients gain clarity regarding their financial needs and develop strategies to achieve their financial goals. We’ve added an easy-to-use needs calculator on the Rubach Wealth website to provide an illustration of the life insurance options available based on your situation. There are two ways to use it:

1. If you have an idea of how much coverage you need, enter this directly into the calculator.

2. If you’re unsure about the amount of coverage you require, answer a few questions in the needs analysis section to estimate your required coverage.

In both cases, a report will be provided to you showing illustrative life insurance options offered by different companies.

Please note that while the report will give you a sense of what’s available, a solid long-term financial plan needs to be customized based on a comprehensive understanding of your situation and needs. Call us to start the conversation because insurance should not be approached in silos. There are many things to consider beyond the price.