“Elke and the Rubach Wealth Team are a true pleasure to work with. Their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail are excellent. Their approach to financial literacy education is accessible, interesting, and extremely relevant. Elke’s ability to reflect upon her own life experiences, coupled with her considerable professional experience, provides tremendous insight and value to others. Her inspirational mission of helping to assist professionals to achieve financial freedom and independence is inspiring and successfully enables her objective to provide thoughtful and meaningful guidance and counsel.”

Financial planning for lawyers is unique!

Financial planning for members of any profession should be approached as a specialty, specifically targeting the distinct, comprehensive needs that come with that profession. Lawyers particularly require financial expertise and experience focused on the unique parameters created by practicing law.

One in four. Those are the odds that you will be disabled due to a serious illness or accident for a period of 90 days or longer at least once before you turn 65.

An easy-to-use needs calculator on the Rubach Wealth website that provides an illustration of the life insurance options available based on your situation

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Growing & Protecting Your Wealth: Financial Planning for Lawyers

For those working in the legal sector, career planning and financial planning are intrinsically intertwined.  As one’s career progresses from law school to articling student through to equity partner and beyond their financial needs and planning scenarios also evolve.

It is critical for lawyers to work with trusted advisors who understand their objectives and aspirations but also have that unique affinity with the legal profession.

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