Established Professionals

For established professionals, life is in full swing during your 40s.

You are likely progressing well in your career or pursuing exciting new professional opportunities. At the same time, you may be juggling a busy family life with young kids or teenagers at home.

While you are likely more financially stable than you were in your 30s, you are also at an age when major life developments like an inheritance or a divorce can suddenly change the equation.

So what are the key financial considerations that should be on your radar at this age? Here are a few of the major financial issues and milestones common among your peers in their 40s:

  • Taking on leadership roles at work
  • Dealing with aging parents
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Buying a second/vacation home
  • Potentially grappling with separation or divorce

In Canada, there are significant opportunities for professionals in their 40s to maximize their investments and optimize their taxes with smart financial planning.

Your financial situation is shaped by life events and the choices you make, so your specific needs may differ from those of your peers.

What’s universal, however, is the importance of managing your finances thoughtfully and strategically now to ensure you’re on track for the financial future you envision.

At Rubach Wealth, we help established professionals like you make sense of your finances and develop a holistic financial plan to guide you toward your goals.